Fen Phen Lawsuit

When Fen Phen first appeared on the shelves it was an instant success in terms of popularity. Unfortunately, the wonder diet drug was not everything people had hoped because in September 1997 Fen Phen was withdrawn from the market. The combination of fenfluramine and dexfenfluramine was leading to heart valve injuries that were affecting a high percentage of Fen Phen takers.

American Home Products, the drug’s manufacturer, was accused of withholding information that would have warned Fen Phen users of the risks involved so they could continue to sell the popular diet drug. The Mayo Clinic reported finding heart valve problems in 30% of the Fen Phen users that participated in a study they had conducted, which sparked a series of studies that began to expose the adverse health effects associated with the drug. The FDA issued thousands of “Dear Healthcare Professional” letters warning patients and doctors of possible valvular heart disease in July of 1997, and in September 1997 is when the FDA requested a voluntary withdrawal of Fen Phen by the drug company.

Prior to the FDA withdrawal of Fen Phen affected individuals pursued their own lawsuits. Following the initial medical warning reports that linked Fen Phen to serious forms of valvular heart disease various class actions were filed against American Home Products. After Fen Phen was withdrawn a nationwide settlement began negotiations. As of January 11, 2002 the Fen Phen Settlement became final. The initial AHP payout for former Fen Phen users was increased as more and more people were diagnosed primarily with primary pulmonary hypertension.

While the amount of money appears significant, the amount of health complications Fen Phen has caused because AHP withheld information on the safety of the drug continues to worsen in some individuals. Proper compensation may not be available to individuals that have suffered increased symptoms, but by choosing to opt-out of the class action and pursue an individual suit you are able to receive what is rightfully yours. Although monetary sums cannot replace pain and suffering, as well as health deterioration, it can help with medical bills and adjustment in a changed lifestyle because of the health conditions that have resulted. Please contact us to discuss your Fen Phen case.


Fen Phen Lawsuit


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